How To: Quilt mitered corners

Quilt mitered corners

Here's a new way to look at making perfect mitered corners the first time, every time. This instructional quilting video demonstrates how to sew consistent mitered corners on your quilts in a few steps. Use a "Minute Miter" tool to hold the fabric in place. Learn why this seamstress says, "no snouts allowed."


The instruction goes pretty fast for a beginner like me.

Absolutely brilliant. I was looking for a video explaining how to make mitered corners on a baby blanket, and all the videos I found have vague instructions that leave a lot of guess work. I do a lot of sewing but not a lot of quilting, so I'm really grateful for detailed instructions and showing exactly how to do it. Great video, very professional, thank you :-)

Thank you for the easy demo, just hope I can do it right.

I can't wait to practice this! I have had this tool for a while and really couldn't figure out how to use it. This video makes it look so easy, and it is so easy to understand.

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