How To: Attach binding to a quilt

Attach binding to a quilt

This video demonstrates how to attach a binding to a quilt. At the point of the video, your quilt should be complete up to attaching the binding. It should already be pinned and basted. You should have quilted together all of your squares into your desired pattern. Your batting should be cut. You should be in the final stages of assembling the quilt. At the sewing machine, you should be using the 1/4" foot on your machine. Start your needle approximately ½" from the edge of the fabric. You will want to leave a little bit of batting. Your binding should be precut.

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This just shows how to sew a basic line stitch. It should explain how to line up the binding, do edges, fold over, or something more than just sewing a line.

Iam doing a baby quilt and iam ready to quilt it is a panel so how would I quilt it?

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