How To: Sew 3D faux cathedral window quilt blocks

Sew 3D faux cathedral window quilt blocks

Watch this instructional quilting video to sew three dimensional faux cathedral window quilting blocks. These easy to make blocks add great accents to any quilt. The cathedral window quilting block is actually made up of four smaller patches with another square sewn inside. The 3D effect requires some careful folding. Pin down the frame of the window to give it a curved edge. For the center patch you can use patterned fabric or a photograph.

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OMG! EXACTLY what I was looking for. I wanted to make a bed-sized quilt, but all of the other methods wouldn't allow me to add batting, or make it into a traditional quilt (sandwiched with backing, batting, and top). THIS is exactly what I wanted in order to do that! Thank you!

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