How To: Bind a quilt without bumps

Bind a quilt without bumps

In this video we are shown how easy it is to complete the finishing join on a quilt binding. Just before the final join 6 inches of binding should be left over at the beginning and the end, while the rest of the binging should already be sewn down. The two ends of the binding should overlap by at least 6 inches. You will then need to cut the thread and remove the quilt from the machine, then measure the binding width and overlap the two pieces and cut off the excess binding to match the width. The next step is to unfold both sections and place their right sides together at a 90 degree angle. Place pins to keep it in place then draw a line from the upper left to the lower right corner of the diagonal and then Stitch on the drawn line. Trim the seam allowance to a quarter inch and press it open, then pull the binding and press it down. The final step is to stitch the binding to the quilt.

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